"Empires" is a nod to the cyclical rise and fall of one's own personal empires--love, loss, and the hopeful glimmerings of a new beginning. Now based full-time in Brooklyn, Carrie Erving writes songs that draw heavily on the influences of the four years she spent living in Europe: her love of electronic drums and analog synthesizers are a product of living for three years in Berlin, Germany, where she recorded and released her debut album and became a critically-acclaimed staple in the Berlin music scene under the moniker "Erving," and a year in Ireland studying the aural tradition of ballads and Sean-Nos singing helped her to shape an intensely personal and melodic singing and songwriting style. Moving to Brooklyn in 2010, she reunited with friends from the indie rock community on her native side of the Atlantic and formed Ponyhof, a New York-based collective of musicians performing her new songs. Enlisting the help of renowned DFA mixer Eric Broucek to mix Ponyhof’s full-length debut, "Empires" showcases the talents of cellist and album co-producer/arranger Chris Loxley, drummer Ricky Petraglia, and bassist Robert Sahm (Le Loup), and features guest vocals by Erving's friend Will Butler (Arcade Fire).









FP3 Gallery (Carrie solo set) -- Boston, MA, January 11th


Irish Arts Center (Carrie solo set) -- New York, NY February 6th


Radiohead "The Bends" Tribute at Cameo Gallery -- Brooklyn, NY Feb 26th


The Knitting Factory (w/ Belle Mare, PROM) -- Brooklyn, NY Feb 27th


The Living Room (w/Howth, Field Guides) -- Brooklyn, NY April 1st


Cameo Gallery (w/Dani Mari) -- Brooklyn, NY May 12th


One Thousand Birds (Livestream) -- Brooklyn, NY May 17th


Pianos (Carrie solo, Fiona Apple Tribute) -- New York, NY June 4th


Mohawk Valley Collective (Carrie solo, Unity Hall) -- Fort Plain, NY June 13th


Northside Festival at Black Bear Bar -- Brooklyn, NY June 14th


Mercury Lounge (w/Angela Sheik) -- New York, NY Sept 27th


World Cafe Live (w/Angela Sheik, Arc Divers) -- Philadelphia, PA Nov 21st



Glasslands (Album Release w/Cassandra Jenkins, The Top) -- Brooklyn, NY Jan 20th


Mercury Lounge (W/Cosmonaut) -- New York, NY Feb 11th


Brooklyn Night Bazaar (w/Widowspeak, Jessica Pratt, Porches)  -- Brooklyn, NY Feb 21st


Irish Arts Center-- (SXSW Showcase w/ Maud in Cahoots) New York, NY March 7th


Bourbon and Branch (w/Tutlie)   -- Philadelphia, PA March 21st


Glasslands (w/Pep, Tutlie) -- Brooklyn, NY April 2nd


Knitting Factory (w/ Oceanographer) -- Brooklyn, NY May 15th


Bowery Electric (Carrie solo set) -- New York, NY May 22nd


Glasslands ("Cover The Pink" Tori Amos Benefit) -- Brooklyn, NY May 30th


Cameo Gallery (Carrie solo set) -- Brooklyn, NY June 24th


Glasslands (w/Nisha) -- Brooklyn, NY June 29th


Unity Hall, Mohawk Valley (w/ Xenia Rubinos) -- Fort Plain, NY July 12th


Mercury Lounge (w/Behaviors) -- New York, NY July 14th


Mercury Lounge (w/Wilder Maker, Bernardo) -- New York, NY Aug 8th


Cameo Gallery (w/Nicholas Nicholas, Johnny Aries) -- Brooklyn, NY Aug 23rd


Knitting Factory (w/The Features, Born Cages) -- Brooklyn, NY Sept 9th


Baby's All Right (w/Honey Wild, Blood Death Skull) -- Brooklyn, NY Sept 21


CBGB Festival at Fat Baby -- New York, NY Oct 9th


CMJ 2014 Official Showcase at Coco 66 -- Brooklyn, NY Oct 21st


Portishead “Dummy” Anniversary Show at Cameo Gallery -- Brooklyn, NY Dec 8th


Rough Trade (w/ Lola Wolf, Trouble Andrew) -- Brooklyn, NY Dec 17th



"Ensure you let this slice of beauty-cake into your life...always interesting to see a traveling artist write music and hear how that influences their sound. You can certainly hear it in this case." --BBC Radio 6 - Lauren Laverne Show

"Riddled with literary references and gorgeous, emotional stories that reflect not just her own life, but also the one we live collectively... the magic of Ponyhof is both delicate and energetic, lighthearted while also quite deep, fresh yet undeniably familiar; think St. Vincent meets Bjork atop flourishing dance beats." -- BUSHWICK DAILY


"Carrie Erving starts singing and I’m hooked...it's a great vibe they've got going here. The song climaxes at the unfolding of the last verse...into what will surely prove to be one of the year’s wildest guitar solos, especially since it is in fact being performed by Loxley on that electric cello of his." -- FINGERTIPS MUSIC




The Irish heritage has left a mark on Erving’s vocals, with hints of hard-not-to-mention Irish singer Sinead O’Connor...Erving manages to incorporate a number of different genres... [an] ambitious sound" -- GIMME INDIE



"Arcade Fire is blazing a trail to Coachella with a world tour, Oscar nomination and new song collaboration..today, Brooklyn songstress Ponyhof (Carrie Erving) premiered a track from her debut album, Empires, called “Tiger,” for which Will Butler jumped on board". -- ELITE DAILY



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